Planning a funeral

What to do in case of a death?

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  • We attend at our offices or send a personal adviser wherever the family chooses

  • Documents: DNI of the deceased and DNI of the person in charge of the service and Death Certificate

  • We convey the loved one wherever the family chooses

  • Presence throughout the national territory

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What to do in case of a death?

Organizing a funeral services step by step

Our mission is to achieve a complete personalization, so that the entire farewell organized by Grupo Mémora will be felt as an unforgettable experience for the family as well as for the friends of the loved one. Our staff will accompany you, listen to you, and will advise you all the time, informing you about all the steps of the process.

  • 1/ Destination and schedule

    Once you have chosen the funeral home, a parlour room, schedule of the wake and ceremony will be decided.

  • 2/ Communication and remembrance

    We will put at your disposal different elements of remembrance of your loved one.

  • 3/ Laying out your loved one

    We will take care that the appearance of your loved one be relaxing and calm.

  • 4/ Choosing the coffin

    We will help you to choose the shape, the wood and the fabric of the coffin that will be occupied by your loved one.

  • 5/ Coffin accessories

    With the right accessories you will be able to express the will and the beliefs of your loved one.

  • 6/ Urn

    In case of cremation we will advise you about the different urns, jewels, reliquaries as well as the final destination of the ashes.

  • 7/ Funeral parlour

    The personal adviser will inform you about how to arrange the parlour room to bid a farewell to your loved one.

  • 8/ Ceremony

    The religious or civil ceremony (or both) will be organized according to your desires: music, decorations, recording…

  • 9/ Accompany to the cemetery or crematorium

    We will put at your disposal the following cars you need as well as trucks for the wreaths.

  • 10/ Post service

    Grupo Mémora will give you support, advice and service beyond the funeral service.