Committed to culture


Mémora Group aims to help understand death and offer support to those in need after the loss of a loved one. Therefore, for this reason Mémora Group sponsors the publication of books on topics such as death and bereavement.

Some of the book's titles are:

  • 'Trip to Thanatos' by Jordi Domingo, makes easier the experience of loosing someone to all those people that are having difficulties with it, it also provides the tools needed to overcome in the best possible way the grieving process. 
  • 'Good grief' by Anji Carmelo helps the mourner to reinstate his life in memory of a loved one and everything good they shared together.
  • 'It's smell' by Conception Larrull (only available in Catalan). It is addressed to children starting from seven years dealing with grieve and also to the adults in their environment. The book explains the experience of three sisters, three, eight and fifteen, shortly before the death of their mother until two weeks later. The narrator of the story is the middle sister who explains how she lives this situation, and the reactions of her sisters, father and the rest of the family.
  • ‘Reflections on death’. A compilation of relevant people's thoughts about death and dying. Some participants are Eduard Punset, Antonio Gala, Moses Broggi, and  many others from  the world of painting, writing, philosophy and science, among others.