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Exhibitions: The other side of life

Funerary culture, yesterday and today


Mémora Group’s collection of funerary art and culture approaches the concept of death and its evolution over the centuries in an innovative and educational way.

The exhibition includes more than a hundred original archaeological pieces used on the Iberian Peninsula throughout history and takes a look at funerary culture from the Palaeolithic period to the present day. Its main objective is to reach and inform all audiences about the evolution of mortuary culture in the Mediterranean, as well as to promote the critical view of death as the other side of life. It also offers tools for understanding and studying funerary culture in a personal and entertaining way. Based on the archaeological remains from different cultures and times, The Other Side of Life creates five historical areas, from prehistoric times to the present, two interactive spaces; a space for reflection and two thematic workshops: investigate the past and let’s be archaeologists.

The exhibition also introduces new technologies such as QR code, which allows the visitor to expand the information and to access multimedia content about each of the cultures exhibited. 

Using this technology, visitors can participate in activities aimed at families; a game where clues are given to discover an Egyptian epitaph. 

The Other Side of Life is an itinerant exhibition that has already visited Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Zaragoza, León and Logrono, and other cities.