Social Responsibility

Committed to the environment

Eco funerals 

Reducing the impact of the funerary process on nature is one of the objectives of SFB-Mémora Group. The Group offers ecological coffins and makes a firm commitment to ecological funerals in response to the growing social interest in sustainability and respect for our immediate environment through its service based on social innovation. To this end, SFB-Mémora Group collaborated with insurance company ERGO and Fundació Terra in the design and development of the first European certification in ecological funeral services, the SFE 07:02, which defines the basic requirements for the development of sustainability in the various aspects of the funerary field.

In addition to reducing greenhouse gases to a minimum of 30%, eco funerals also reduce dioxin emissions that are toxic to our health. In this way, a lower environmental impact is achieved through a number of special features implicit in the service: coffins made from certified wood, with no toxic varnishes used, biodegradable urns - made of gelatin, aggregates with nutrients or salt which, when deposited in water (sea, lakes, rivers) disintegrate within less than 24 hours and contribute beneficial and natural nutrients to the ecosystem -,  organic plants, memoriam cards made from recycled paper, transporting the deceased in shared vehicles, etc.

Eco coffins and urns

These are made from certified wood originating from controlled felling in reforested areas. SFB-Mémora Group is a pioneer in the market in the use of these products, substituting traditional varnish for water-based varnishes to apply to the wood. No metal materials are used, and the interior of the coffins are lined exclusively with ecological, 100%-cotton fabric. These improvements reduce dioxin emissions during the cremation process and latest-technology filters are used in the crematorium, thus anticipating the introduction of stricter regulations in the future.