Online services

Note of condolence

We offer the possibility of writing a note of condolence through the website, which we will hand-deliver to the family before the ceremony. All the notes are a unique record of the people who wanted to give a testimonial and dedicate a few words to their loved one.

If you want send a note of condolence, click here.

Note of condolence + Remembrance flower

We offer the possibility of sending the family a note of condolence along with a floral detail: a white rose as a show of support and affection to help them get through this difficult time. It’s a natural flower and, thanks to a biological treatment, its appearance, beauty and symbolism will last over time.

Floral Catalogue
You can access the floral catalogue, see a range of types and varieties (from traditional to contemporary) and choose the floral ornamentation that best suits your wishes.