Funeral services

Preparing the deceased

Employing thanatoaesthetics (cosmetic preparation of the body) and thanatopraxy (embalming), your loved one will be given a relaxed and restful appearance and will be dressed to ensure perfect presentation for viewing.


Flowers are a sincere way of showing our support and solidarity with the family at this difficult time. The floral ornament accompanies the deceased at the vigil and during the funeral ceremony. It may also be left with the deceased or can be used as adornment for burial units or else returned to the family.

From the Flowers section on the site you can access the floral catalogue, see all the types and varieties available (from traditional to contemporary) and choose the floral ornamentation that best suits your wishes.

Music services

Music is present in the most important moments in our lives. Mémora offers a wide repertoire of music with great interpretative quality, looking after every single detail and providing the appropriate personnel. Music as an expression of happy memories, meditation and contemplation is requested for funerals to give the ceremony a more personal, close, moving and intimate atmosphere.


Mémora offers families an extensive catalogue of coffins, allowing them to choose the one that best matches their needs. Most of the coffins are made in Mémora Group’s factory and marketed under the EUROCOFFIN brand. The coffins offer artisan quality, incorporate the most innovative technology and, as the manufacturing process is sustainable, are made with certified wood and treated with water-based varnishes that have low environmental impact. 


For those who choose cremation, Mémora Group has a variety of urns to suit your needs, made from wood, porcelain or metal, as well as a biodegradable option.


We can completely personalise the coffin according to the preferences of the family and the person they are saying goodbye to, also allowing them to choose the upholstery for the interior of the coffin. The catalogue includes a variety of colours, prints and textures including satin, jacquard, alcantara and velvet, among others, which lend the pieces warmth, exclusivity and softness.