Oficina funeraria Mémora CC Los Porches Zaragoza

Mémora is the funeral company leader in the management of funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries, is present in the city of Zaragoza; and now opens a new ofice in  Los Porches del Audiorama shopping center.

In Zaragoza, we participate in the Funeral Services of Torrero, considered as one of the most modern funeral complexes in Spain. The facility has 19 comfortable and spacious wake rooms, 1 chapel for catholic services and 2 chapels for religious and non-religious services and 4 cremation furnaces

We are at your service 24 hours to provide integrated assistance, before, during and after death. Our goal is to cover all formalities and needs of families facing the loss of a loved one. See all our services and our catalog of flowers. In our assistance office you can obtain information about funeral services and products. There you can: arrange a funeral service, ask for a budget, obtain information about transfers and other services such  as the process of grieving.

976 46 72 73 - 900 231 132

C/ Luis Bermejo s/n. Puerta E2 C.C. Los Porches del Audiorama , 50009   Zaragoza