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Mémora International is a new concept in the integral management of the entire funeral service.

This is a centralised platform for repatriations, with a single, highly-qualified interlocutor who carries out all the necessary formalities in the case of a death abroad, including: preparation and processing of local administrative documents, health and consulate certificates, management of flights, advice on legislation and support for the family in the countries of origin and destination. 

Our mission is to facilitate the necessary paperwork and handle the logistics when a death occurs outside the country of origin. For this, Mémora International has a team of personnel who are expert in arranging what needs to be done and in handling all matters regarding repatriation. They are specialised in funeral protocol and coordination, are available 24 hours a day / 365 days a year, and offer services in several languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Ukrainian, among others. We are aware of the multicultural society we live in, which is why our teams and facilities are adapted to accommodate all religions, rituals, and customs. 

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Moreover, to enable us to provide a service to every country in the world, the platform has agreements with the main national and international operators in the sector, with consulates and embassies, insurance companies, international support platforms, various collectives, and air transport companies, among others.

Mémora International organises training events that are offered in several formats and are aimed at different audiences, such as, for example, the Consular Seminars. The objective of these seminars is to unite efforts and improve the coordination of all actors involved in the repatriation of deceased persons in Europe in order to achieve maximum efficiency in all the necessary processes and, in this way, try to lessen the uncertainty of family members. With the same objective, over the past few years Mémora International has organised meetings targeted at consular bodies, forensic doctors, associations and groups in several cities in Spain and Portugal. 

Mémora International has a field mortuary facility of 83m2 for cooperating in the management of major disasters. It includes an emergency team with protocols and rapid-response capability to deal with this type of situation. 

With the confidence of a large group

In addition, Mémora International offers people the confidence of belonging to the Grupo Memora, a leader in funeral services, funeral homes, crematoriums, and cemetery management in the Iberian Peninsula. Grupo Memora has 125 funeral homes, 26 crematoriums, 23 cemeteries, and 1,200 professionals and annually performs more than 46,000 funeral services and 16,000 cremations, and over 41,000 families have occupied its wake rooms in Spain and Portugal. The Group also has its own coffin-making factory, Eurocoffin, which is notable for its innovation, sustainability and high quality, and we offer the possibility of maximum customisation of our products.