Legal terms

General conditions of distance contracts

Through this website,can be purchased the different products and services offered directly or indirectly by SERVILUSA - AGENCIAS FUNERÁRIAS, S.A.
These commercial operations are carried out at a distance and, therefore, the owner of the website publishes these "General conditions of contracts carried out at a distance", which will govern all purchases made electronically, as established in article Of Law No. 24/2014, of February 14, which regulates the Contracts Held at a Distance and Outside of the Commercial Establishment, in article 8 of Law no. 24/96, of 31 Of July, which establishes the regime applicable to consumer protection and Article 31 of Decree-Law no. 7/2004, of January 7, which regulates Electronic Commerce in the Internal Market and Treatment of Personal Data.

What can you acquire through the website?

Currently, through this web portal, only pieces of flowers can be purchased to be sent to people who are being veiled in our facilities.
With this in mind, no product that is not related to a funeral service provided by SERVILUSA can be purchased.
Consequently, the supply of products and services that can be acquired at a distance is dynamic and is directly related to the state of the deceased person wake. Therefore, in cases where the ordering time is too close to the time of the ceremony, it will no longer be possible to place an order remotely, since the recipient of the product will be taken out of our premises.
This implies that products and services may change constantly, and SERVILUSA - AGENCIAS FUNERÁRIAS, S.A. is not responsible for the variation of offers that are not duly accepted and previously formalized by the user.
In some cases, due to the seasonal nature of the flowers, it may happen that in the "Flowers Catalog" there are products that have not been suppressed or are temporarily unavailable, without having changed the web page.

How to make an order?

To place an order from a distance, you must have access to the internet (either through a computer, smartphone or tablet) and access the website: WWW.SERVILUSA.PT and perform the following steps:

Step I - Select the flowers you want

You should select the "Florist" tab, where you will find the "Flower Catalog" of products made available by the website owner.
The "Flower Catalog" will appear without prices and without shipping conditions

Step II - Select the recipient and the destination center

When clicking on the product, it will be directed to the obituary, so that you can select the center where the delivery will be made and enter the data of the person receiving the product or service contracted.

Please note that you can only send products available at and to recipients who are inside the funeral facilities managed by SERVILUSA.

Step III - Select products

Selecting the destination where the delivery will be made, will also be selected the products in concrete that you want to acquire.
So, as you can verify it is at this step that you can see the detailed prices, which depend on the complements chosen.

Step IV - Specify buyer data and form of payment

In order to correctly bill the order, the buyer's data must be filled in correctly, as requested by the site. This data will be processed according to the privacy notice on the site.
Then, you must enter the payment method, which would be advisable to have it done directly by the buyer. The owner of the site shall not be liable for any incidents that occur due to the use of payment methods of ownership other than the buyer, and in any case, the buyer must assume the purchase and confirm and make the order.
In this way, taking into account that the order of the flower piece has a very short delivery time, practically immediate, it is necessary to select an agile and safe payment mode. Therefore, the site owner will only accept payments by credit card compatible with the Easypay payment platform, and may be the credit card of any other banking entity..
If you have any questions regarding your credit card, it is advisable to consult your bank, as for now the owner of the site has no ability to resolve such issues.
The use of credit card as a method of payment does not add an additional cost to the user.
The correct entry of data into the system is as follows:
Entering all the data, you will be asked if you want to CONFIRM THE ORDER.
Once the request is confirmed, the site owner will start providing the service with the express consent of the user. Due to the perishable nature of floral articles, the user can not exercise the right to terminate the contract, this being one of the exceptional causes provided for in article 17, no. 1 of Decree-Law no. 24/2014, which regulates Contracts Held Remotely and Outside Commercial Establishment.
In this way, once the order is confirmed, the owner of the site will charge the value to the credit card, thus giving rise to payment for the products and services contracted. You should note that by canceling the payment of the service in your bank, the owner of the site will not perform the provision of contracted services.
In the event that the payment of the services is canceled manually after the provision of the service, without justifiable cause or by consensus with the owner of the website, the website owner will take all the actions entitled to compensation for damages and losses that have been caused.

Step V - Order Confirmed - Ordering Conditions

Once you accept the request, you will receive the confirmation on your email (detailing the identification data of the contracted service).
Each of these concepts will be explained below, which are subject to the following conditions:

Order Confirmation - Identification Data of contracted services

Subject: Corresponds to the products and services freely contracted by the user of the site.

Price: corresponds to the value indicated at the moment of the contracting of the selected products and services, which includes the corresponding taxes according to current legislation at any time. If it is found that there has been an error in entering the price indicated in the identification data of the contracted service, the owner of the site or some representative of the same will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of this situation. If an error is detected in the price, on the principle of contractual good faith, you should notify the owner of the site as soon as possible to make the corresponding technical corrections.

Mode of delivery: Corresponds to the operational summary of the service contracted, the place of delivery and the person to whom it refers. In the event of an error in the indicated data, please inform via e-mail to The shipping schedule obligates the site owner to deliver at that time. In order to verify if the delivery is correct, the recipient of the service must subscribe a document requested by the representative of the site indicating: (i) if he accepts the request; (ii) if you do not accept it because you do not agree with the quality of it; (iii) if you do not accept it for another reason that is not related to the service provider. If the recipient accepts the request, the transaction will be finalized to the appropriate legal effects.

If situation (ii) arises, in order to initiate a procedure for verification of quality of service and, in this case, return of money to the user, it is necessary to send the photograph in the presence of the person who made the delivery, being clearly visible the Defective product for the e-mail, in order to make your complaint.
As to the owner of the website, he will try to solve as best as possible any incidence, and the buyer has the right to opt for replacement, adequate reduction of the price or termination of the contract, under the terms of article 4, n 1 of Decree-Law no. 67/2003, of April 8, which regulates the Sale of Consumer Goods and the related Guarantees.

On the other hand, if the order is late and if the deliverer is unable to locate the recipient of the order, the site owner will pick up the order record and contact the user / buyer in order to resolve the situation.

In any case, any incidents may be communicated to the e-mail address
Finally, in case (iii), given that the recipient of the request did not want to receive it for personal reasons, it will be understood that the service rendering was performed correctly, and the user / buyer can not claim the money back .

Even the user / buyer may claim as his or her the product sent to the indicated recipient, so it is understood that it is a gift made to the recipient of the request, and in no case is the buyer's property once the delivery is properly made.