About Mémora



· UNE EN ISO 15107 in funeral services
· UNE EN ISO 9001 for quality management
· UNE EN ISO 14001 for environmental management
· International Certificate Network (IQNET) for quality management systems. This recognition refers to the entire provision of the funeral service, including activities related to national and international transportation, the funeral home service and the management of burials and cremations, among others.

Quality principles:

1.    Compliance with current legislation, declaration of human rights, international conventions and other requirements that Mémora Group is committed to with regard to service and environmental issues.
2.    Continuous improvement and innovation of our processes, products, services and management system to meet customers’ needs and expectations.
3.    Continuous improvement in the effectiveness of the management system, based on the principles of business ethics, trust, professionalism, environmental aspects and the experience of each member of the organisation by helping to achieve the set objectives. 
4.    Firm and active commitment from every level of the organisation to disseminate the values and principles of the service culture and respect for customers and the environment to all interested parties. 
5.    Active participation and respect for the principles of corporate social responsibility. Prioritise the sustainability of Mémora Group’s systems and procedures by establishing goals and objectives to improve and minimise the continuous and sustained use of available resources. 
6.    To focus on social rights as well as the prevention of risk, pollution and incidents in all activities, products and services. Active, committed and creative participation by all staff. To guarantee their satisfaction through continuous and specific training, career development, quality of life and pride in belonging to the Group.
7.    Participation and integration of collaborators, providers, subcontractors and all interested parties in the integrated quality and environmental system and in the organisation’s strategy. 
8.    The profitability of the company and its contribution to the Group’s results as a way of ensuring the satisfaction of partners and shareholders, thus allowing us to consolidate our organisation in the future and to deploy plans and strategies in a continuous manner.
9.    Harmonise efforts to optimise operational effectiveness, productivity and profitability.