About Mémora

Mémora around the world

Mémora Group is present in Spain and Portugal and is a leader in the funeral sector in both countries.

In Portugal, under the name of Servilusa, it was the first company to build a funeral home and crematorium in Elvas and Figueira da Foz respectively, and was the first European company to obtain Spanish UNE standard 15017.

In addition to its presence in these countries, Mémora Group also operates internationally, thanks to its global platform Mémora International. This is a new concept in the integrated management of the entire funeral service, including international shipping from Spain and Portugal to any country in the world and vice versa, with an emergency team on hand in the event of major disasters.

Mémora Group is an active member of the most important international organisations that defend the interests of the funeral sector, such as FIAT-IFTA (World Organisation of Funeral Operatives), the EFFS (European Federation of Funeral Services) and the ALPAR (Latin American Association of Cemeteries and Funeral Services).

Mémora International

The new platform allows for a single, highly-qualified partner to undertake all the necessary procedures in the event of a death abroad: preparing and processing local administrative documents, obtaining health and consular certificates, managing flights, advising on legislation, providing support to the family both in the country of origin and the destination country, facilitating logistics through specialised experts fluent in different languages, from traditional languages such as English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese to Eastern European languages such as Russian and Ukrainian, for example. 

Mémora International has nine logistics support centres, allowing it to offer fuller, more local coverage: Lisbon, Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, León, Seville, Tenerife, Valencia and Zaragoza. Moreover, in order to cater for all the countries in the world, the Platform has agreements with the main national and international operators in the sector, consulates, embassies, insurance companies, international assistance platforms, various groups and air transport companies, among others.

Mémora International has a morgue tent available for assisting with the management of major disasters and provides an emergency team with the protocols and rapid-reaction capability needed to deal with this type of situation. The facility, with a capacity for 32 bodies, is an inflatable tent measuring 83 m2 and equipped with a refrigeration system that keeps the temperature at 9° C.