Grupo Mémora patrocina dos proyectos artísticos de paisaje urbano en L’Hospitalet

  • MuraL'H puts color on the bridge of Isabel the Catholic and the Narciso Monturiol located between Gornal and Santa Eulalia

Grupo Mémora has a strong commitment to the society and culture of L'Hospitalet and for this reason, sponsors MuraL'H initiative that aims to paint several bridges in the city. In addition, the funeral company involved in the project 12 + 1 mural art is to develop a graphite in the same space in the city for 12 months and by 12 artists.
The presentation of the project took place at the exit of Metro Torrassa attended by the Mayor, Núria Marín; the deputy mayor of Coordination and Strategic Planning, Francisco Belver; Councillor for Education and Culture, Jaume Graells; CEO of Grupo Mémora, Juan Jesus Domingo; the funeral director general of Barcelona - Grupo Mémora, Joan Berenguer and Juan Esteban Marin and Ninoska, Urban Boundary. The opening ceremony consisted of a graphite direct intervention by the artist Lamp.

MuraL'H to Isabella and Narcís Monturiol

The project promoted by Mémora MuraL'H Group and performed by the artists of the Urban Boundary association so far has painted bridges and Isabella Street Narcís Monturiol, from Gornal and Santa Eulalia. Two very different but with a common goal artistic interventions: launch a debate on the use of public space and improve the daily lives of people through art.

The development of the two projects will be reflected in a documentary prepared by Montana Colors, which includes the creation process and includes interviews with the artists and the reactions of pedestrians passing in front of the murals, among others.

With these two initiatives, Grupo Mémora expands its participation in social projects beyond issues Responsibility activity, contributing to the improvement of the urban landscape of L'Hospitalet.